What is SOVI?


The Obligatory S age of Old Age and Disability (SOVI) was the way to protect the worker before the current Social Security system. Despite its age and its obsolescence in the vast majority of cases, it still applies in cases of old age, disability or widowhood of those workers who were quoted before 1967.

Until 2005, SOVI pensions were subject to a strict regime of incompatibilities. However, article 4 of Law 3/2005 of March 18 established the following: “SOVI pensions are compatible with economic benefits of an extraordinary nature granted to citizens of Spanish origin displaced during their minority. , to the foreigner in the period between July 18, 1936 and December 31, 1939, as a consequence of the Civil War and who developed most of their life outside the national territory. “

Also in 2005, specifically with the publication of Law 9/2005 of June 6, the compatibility of SOVI pensions with widow’s pensions of the current Social Security System was allowed.

Economic amount of SOVI pensions and application procedure

Economic amount of SOVI pensions and application procedure

The SOVI pensions represent an imprescriptible, life-time and fixed amount economic benefit . The amount to be received in 2017 is set at € 408.10 per month in 14 payments, as long as there are no concurrences with other benefits or it is the widow’s pension, in which case that amount will always be.

In the case of receiving a SOVI pension for old age or disability, in addition to the economic benefit granted to the displaced of Spanish origin during their minority as a result of the Civil War, other benefits not considered concurrent are added. These additional compatible benefits are also regulated by Law 3/2005 of March 18 and are the following:

  • The pensions received by the handicapped or disabled invalids of the first degree because of the Civil War.
  • Extraordinary pensions derived from acts of terrorism .
  • The subsidies of aid by third person . In the event that there are concurrences with other pensions, the amount to be received for the SOVI pension for disability or old age is € 396.20 per month in 14 payments. However, if the sum of all concurrent pensions and that of the corresponding SOVI is less than the amount set in 2016 for the concurrent pension, the SOVI pension will then increase an amount equal to the resulting difference.

On the other hand, if there is concurrence with a widow’s pension of the Social Security , the sum of both pensions can not be more than double the minimum widow’s pension for people with 65 or more years. In 2017, said widow’s pension is set at a minimum of € 637.70. So, if the SOVI plus the pension in question total more than € 1,275.40 per month, the amount of the SOVI will be reduced until that figure is reached.

The request for SOVI pensions can be made at any Social Security Information and Service Center. To perform the procedure, you must deliver the following documentation:

  • DNI of the applicant.
  • Tax Identification Card of the Applicant.
  • Family Book or marriage certificate in case of being married.
  • Identity card of the spouse and of all family members over 14 years of age living with the applicant and in their charge.
  • Application form that you will find in the following link.

In addition to these documents, if you want to apply for the SOVI pension for widowhood, you must also submit the following documentation, if one of the cases occurs:

  • If separated or divorced : judgment of judicial separation or divorce.
  • If there is more than one beneficiary of the pension: declaration of cohabitation.

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Requirements to receive any of the SOVI pensions

In the case of the pension of the SOVI for old age , the requirements are the following:

  • Having reached 65 years of age , or failing 60 if it is old age due to disability. This disability must be permanent and totally prevent the performance of the usual profession.
  • Not be entitled to any other benefit offered by the regimes that make up the current Social Security System. Except, of course, the widow’s pension that can be beneficiary.
  • Have been affiliated with the Labor Retirement Scheme or have contributed 1,800 days to the SOVI Regime before 01/01/1967.

For the disability pension , it will be necessary to comply with the following:

  • That the disability is permanent and absolute for the applicant’s profession and that it is the cause of the termination of employment.
  • That is not derived from a work accident or occupational disease compensable.
  • Credit 1.800 days of contribution to the SOVI before 01/01/1967.
  • Not have the right to another benefit of the current Social Security.
  • Having reached the age of 50 or, failing that, 30 if the disability is due to total immobility of the extremities, blindness or incurable mental disorder.

In the case of a SOVI pension for widowhood , the requirements change according to three assumptions:

  • SOVI pensioner with death prior to 01/01/1967 :
  • The deceased must have died after 01/01/1956.
  • The solicitor:
  • Not be entitled to any other SOVI pension.
  • Be 65 years old at the time of death. If you have 50 or more, you are entitled to receive the pension when you turn 65.
  • Carry 10 years of marriage with the deceased.
  • Pensioner of the SOVI with death after 12/31/1966 : the same requirements as for the widow’s pension of the Social Security will be demanded.
  • No pensioner of the SOVI :
  • For the causer:
  • Death as of 01/01/1956.
  • To have been affiliated to the Obligatory Worker Retirement or to credit 1,800 days of contributions to the SOVI before 01/01/1967.
  • For the applicant: the same requirements as for pensioners who died before 01/01/1967.

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