Allianz resists criticism of stadium visit insurance

Stadium visit insurance according to Allianz a fair offer

The new insurance package “Around the visit to the Arenas” of the Alliance z can not convince the experts of the Federation of Insured (BdV). On the contrary: the product causes great criticism . It is incomplete and underachieving , it says in a press release. Martin Oetzmann advises BdV even to spend the contribution of two euros for the package rather at the sausage stand in the stadium. For accident and key protection, there are from the perspective of consumer advocates large insurance gaps. Too small is the sum, the insured received about after an accident. In addition, the “disability amount of 50 percent is set too high.” Also with the delay protection, the experts see room for improvement. Now the alliance reacts to the criticism and makes it clear: The insurance package is in view of the benefits “a fair offer”.

Allianz: insurance package with good price-performance ratio

Allianz: insurance package with good price-performance ratio

“Once pay 2 euros and in case of need in addition to the existing pension entitlements receive a monthly pension of 250 € – that’s a good price-performance ratio, ” says a spokeswoman to In addition, it is customary in the industry “that an accidental pension from a degree of disability of 50 percent is paid.”

The insurance package can be used to supplement an existing insurance cover . “The Alliance deliberately offers an accident pension because it complements the most disability benefit covered in a private accident insurance.” With a monthly pension of 250 euros, for example, a domestic help could be financed.



Key loss services “very fair offer”

Key loss services "very fair offer"

The criticism of the BdV in relation to insufficient benefits in the key protection can not understand the alliance. Anyone who orders a professional locksmith to open the apartment or car door, in which there is only a very low probability that it will destroy the castle. Securing this low risk would not have been possible at the “price of two euros.” Thus, the payment of up to 500 euros in case of key loss in view of the low insurance contribution is a very fair offer .

Proof of delay must be comprehensible

Proof of delay must be comprehensible

On the indirectly asked question of the federation of the insured, whether as a reason for delay long waiting in the traffic jam represents a non-culpable delay , the answer of the alliance is: Yes. By submitting the original ticket or scan, the insurer can see how large the delay of the insured person is. By stating a reason, such as congestion on the A9, the provider can also check whether there were actually traffic disruptions at this time. As a rule, no further proof is necessary to get refunded half of the ticket price.

Insurance package “Around the arena visit”: Advantages and disadvantages to weigh

Insurance package "Around the arena visit": Advantages and disadvantages to weigh

So far, Allianz has received mostly positive reactions to the insurance package from fans. The services may be manageable. But given the intention that the insurance “Around the Arenabeeuch” is intended to supplement existing insurance coverage, especially in accidents, the price-performance ratio can be little opposed. Interested FC Bayern fans should still weigh before the conclusion of the pros and cons , so as to make a well-considered decision.